Several organizations and individuals have provided financial support for the Andean Cat Alliance, and we express our deep appreciation to each and every one of them. The Andean Cat Alliance could not have achieved such significant achievementsadvances working with such a complex species if it were not for the constant support, trust, and enormous goodwill of the individuals and organizations who support our work.
Organizations currently supporting us:

  • Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • CGMK Foundation
  • Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
  • The Tapeats Fund
  • Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
  • Brevard Zoo Conservation Fund
  • ME Hart Foundation
  • Genentech
  • AAZK Milwaukee Chapter
  • The Volpi-Cupal Family Fund
  • Bosack & Kruger Foundation
  • Cat Action Treasury (CAT)
  • Wild About Cats (WAC)
  • Societá Zoológica "La Torbiera"

Through the years, numerous people trusted in AGA. Support from individuals has a special feeling; because it makes us realize that we are not alone in wanting a better world. For privacy reasons we don’t list the names of our individual supporters, but we keep them close to our hearts and are really grateful for their trust.