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Make your donation through WCN website and 100% of your money, will go to projects for Andean cat conservation.
Help us to protect and conserve the Andan cat!

$200 buys one camera trap, an essential tool to monitor the elusive Andean cat
$1,000 helps us to interact with communities, strengthening them to revalue their natural environment and thus reduce the hunting of native carnivores
A donation of any amount can contribute to the purchase of a 4x4 vehicle, essential to reach remote places where we work<

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If you have seen an Andean Cat or have seen a Cat and you think it may be an Andean Cat, please upload your photo to inaturalist, the social network of nature. It is a social network initiated by the California Academy of Sciences in 2008, since then miles of people have contributed to the knowledge of the planet's biodiversity with its observations and identifications of more than one and a half million characteristics. with whom we live. To go to the iNaturalist page, click here.