In addition to research, AGA focuses on education and awareness of the Andean cat and the importance of conservation. Through these efforts AGA can provide and exchange information on the species with local people and understand their perception and beliefs regarding the Andean cat and other carnivores.

AGA has also developed training activities for the staff of protected areas, to help them assess the presence of the Andean cat using various techniques (search for traces, collection of scats, camera trapping). We also support the training of university students who conduct their thesis work with AGA and participate as volunteers.

Since 2011, AGA has managed a multinational project called Andean Cat Global Action (ACGA), whose aim is to promote positive attitudes for the protection of the Andean cat and its habitat through education and community involvement. It also seeks to consolidate the profile of the Andean cat as a flagship species for the conservation of biodiversity in the whole area of its population distribution. To date, this initiative has reached 489 students in 27 rural schools in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.