In 2004 AGA developed an action plan for the long-term conservation of the Andean cat species, with three primary components that guide our activities. These are: research of the Andean cat’s biology, education and training to raise awareness of the Andean cat and mitigate conflict with local people, and finally conservation.


Education and Training


In 2009 we developed our Strategic Plan, maintaining these primary components as action lines, and developed the following objectives:

a. Preserve Andean cat habitat long term and rehabilitate those areas that have degraded.

b. Integrate Andean cat conservation into local policies in the four countries where the cat ranges, working locally but with a global approach.

c. Strengthen conservation and research activities in the protected areas and promote creation and/or extension of the protected areas that facilitate connectivity with populations of the Andean cat.

d. Promote research on the ecological requirements of the species and threats, their main prey and other similar carnivores.

e. Standardize the work of the group(s) trying to protect the cat and its habitat by training and implementing “best strategies”.

f. Train the staff of protected areas and local communities in research, education, and conservation tasks for both inside and outside the protected areas.